Which sport do you support ?
BMX race,Jet Ski, MTB, FMX I’ve always loved sport. I’m attracted by competition, in the mean time
it’s a great way to share experience and enjoy friendship. The sport gave the opportunity to discover new
horizons and gain self confidence. Sport builds bodies and minds to face life.
Greatest achievement and results ?
my greatest achievement as a BMX rider and as a Multiple extreme sports professional speaker :
– French Cup Winner 2005
– Top 8 Euro round (Genève) 1999
-European championship participation (2005)
-World championship participation (2005)
I’m now coaching BMX athletes to bring the new generation to the top. Besides I’ve been also
a professional commentator for thousands of competitions and shows (Roc d’Azur, World cup races,…)
throughout Europe in Jet Ski, BMX, Freestyle MX, since 1997 !
Carrer goal or next 2 years goal ?
my next goal or 2 years goal is to be in the top ten of the World Circuit of Flatland with the 5 steps
all around the world. For the next 2 years, being better.

Why use XtremeMac products ?
My XtremeMac products are following me all day long ! in the car, at home, on my desk, even
when I ride my road bike (sportwrap). So many use for all Apple my Apple devices that I couldn’t
stop using my XtremeMac accessories !Innovative, easy to use, easy to handle, clean & resistant design.
My tools help me to perform daily and XtremeMac accessories fit my needs even in hard core situations.

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